25: Bloomington Cruiser Club


About the Bloomington Cruiser Club

The Bloomington, Indiana chapter of Cruiser Club, USA was formed in 1998. The southern Indiana chapter, like all of Cruiser Club, USA, is a family  oriented club that welcomes riders of all makes and models of  motorcycles, with two or three wheels. We have many trike riders in our  club.  


Why We Ride Together

 We believe that group riding is safer and much more enjoyable than riding alone. We build strong friendships with one another that go beyond our mutual enjoyment of riding. We do both day rides on weekends  as well as longer trips over several days. 


Come Ride to Enjoy, Enjoy the Ride with Us!

 We  meet on the second Friday of each month at the American Legion post  in Bloomington. We gather to eat at 6:00 p.m. followed by a meeting at  7:00. Check us out!