Gathering of Eagles (XX - XIV)


GOE XXIII - Athens, Ohio, 2019

To say that Gathering of Eagles XXIII in Athens , Ohio was a whirlwind of activity is an understatement! It was a fast paced, high mileage three days. While some rolled in on Sunday, most of the Cruisers arrived on Monday and Tuesday.

Right off on Tuesday, the riding started with a visit to the Big Bucket, a huge coal scoop. Then that evening we formed a police escorted parade through town to a brew pub.  After returning to the hotel, games were had on the patio.

Wednesday was the Ralph Barnard Memorial Poker Run with lunch at a retired mill that is now a restaurant and hotel. The banquet was that night.

Thursday morning was more fun and Biker Games, then off to get a Hillbilly Hotdog and eat in a bus. There was also an alternate ride.

Things drew to a close on Thursday Night with more games on the patio.

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GOE XXII - Gettysburg, PA, 2018

With over twenty past events, Gathering of Eagles is becoming history, but not as rich as the history in Gettysburg, PA.
On June 19th, 20th, and 21st., Cruiser Club Brothers and Sisters met up at the historic Civil War Site to find some new roads, and hear some history.
Host Hotel: 1863 Inn of Gettysburg

GOE XXI - Fontana Dam, NC, 2017

Cruiser Club, USA started its third decade of Gathering of Eagles with an awesome destination! Fontana Dam Resort lives up to its billing. Whether we were turning the twisties of the likes of The Tail of the Dragon, The Foothills Parkway, or the Moonshiner 28, there was plenty to talk about in the evenings around great meals.
Fun was had be everyone during the biker games, with kids and trikes getting involved.
Host Hotel: Fontana Village Resort

GOE XX - Fort Wayne, Indiana, 2016

In 2016, Cruiser Club, USA held its 20th Gathering of Eagles. We gathered Back Home Again in Indiana in Fort Wayne, home of Chapter 00.
The Annual Get Together had great rides, great food, and dodging a bit of weather. The Banquet was the highlight, with a tour of Grissom Air Force also a treat.

GOE History

Gathering of Eagles, or GOE, is the annual get together for members of Cruiser Club, USA. It is held the last week of June each year. Usually, a Cruiser Club, USA Chapter will host the event in the area of their location.GOE was started shortly after the members visited the Honda Homecoming in Marysville, Ohio. GOE has outlasted that event, and has been held in several states. Originally a two day event, a third day was added when most attendees showed up one or two days early. Often, there are things planned all week long!Activities at the gathering include riding of course, biker games, a banquet, and lots of time to share stories and catch up with other members of the Cruiser Club Family.A word of warning: If you plan to attend a GOE, plan to attend every year, you won’t want to miss one! 

Gathering of Eagles (XV - XIX)


GOE XIX - Lake George, NY, 2015

Beautiful Lake George brings Americade to memory, but in 2015, it was also host to GOE XIX. It's hard to pick which was better, great fun, great rides, great views - all made for a great time in New York.

GOE XVIII - Mineral Wells, WV, 2014

Our second GOE in Mineral Wells. We just hadn't had enough, so we went back to explore more, including an old Insane Asylum. Lucky it was closed, or else some of our members may not had made back.

GOE XVII - Waynesboro, VA, 2013

The Old Domion Cruisers hosted GOE in 2013. Complete with a 1950's Dance Party, and Name Tags that became a bit of fun.

GOE XVI - Perrysburg, OH, 2012

Originally, a ride to Hell, Michigan was planned for this GOE. We didn't have to ride into town, as the heat and humidity made us feel like we were there. The large pool at the hotel made it all worth the trips.

GOE XV - Lexington, KY, 2011

The land of Bluegrass and Bourbon played host in 2011. Rolling hills made for good times.

What is GOE?"

"Gathering of Eagles has become like a family reunion to me. Being able to get together and ride with my Cruiser Club Brothers and Sisters is something I look forward to year after year."