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You don’t have to be on a cruiser to Ride to Enjoy with us, you don’t even have to be on two wheels. The Cruiser Club, USA Family welcomes riders of all skill levels and all makes & types of motorcycles and motor-trikes. 

Fun, Safe Group Riding

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We take our motto to heart, and we believe you cannot Enjoy the Ride unless it is safe and comfortable for every rider in the group. Every Cruiser Club, USA Chapter leads quality rides that are fun and can enjoyed by riders of all skill levels.

Family Oriented

Cruiser Club, USA Famil

We don’t call each other Biker or Riders; our fellow members are Brothers and Sisters. When we get together as a Chapter or as Club like we do with Gathering of Eagles each year, it’s like a Family Reunion.

Enjoy the Ride, Ride to Enjoy

     Since its founding in 1988, Cruiser Club, USA (originally Shadow Club, USA) has been about family-oriented riding. In 2013, Cruiser Club, USA celebrates 25 years of being a riding club that allows all makes and models, and people of all riding abilities to cruise in a safe environment.
     You are not joining a club, but a family. Every year, at the end of June, members from all our chapters ride to one location for Gathering of Eagles (GOE). At GOE, we cruise the countryside, play in biker games, and come together each night to share our stories from the road.
     For our members, we believe the best way to see this country is on two wheels, with the wind in your face. So, join us for a Chapter Ride or Chapter Meeting. Not a chapter near you? Contact Us to see how easy and how much fun it is to start one.

The History of Cruiser Club, USA

    Cruiser Club, USA began as Shadow Club, USA in 1988 when Chuck Cottrell, current National Director, left Fort Wayne, Indiana with two friends, cycling south to Tennessee. As they put miles behind them, a thought began to cross Chuck’s mind, “Man, wouldn’t it be great if we had a large group of cruiser owners riding with us? To wherever our bikes lead us.”
     Chuck made that thought a reality, and for years it remained Shadow, Club, USA, making a debut at the 1994 Honda Homecoming in Marysville, Ohio. The members had a wonderful time, and Chuck was overwhelmed by the number of bikes, and the number of people who ride cruisers. It was realized they were involved in something that could be bigger than the single group in Fort Wayne. A national organization was beginning to form.
     With growth in mind, the requirement to ride a Honda Shadow was lifted, and there was no turning back when it came to growing the club. Many other manufactures were coming out with some excellent cruiser bikes, and some of the members were buying and riding them. With chapters starting to pop up across the United States and Canada, it wasn’t long before it was realized that Shadow Club was not representative of our membership, so the name was changed to Cruiser Club, USA. Other riders, touring bikers and sport bikers, noticed how much we were riding and enjoying, and began joining as well.
     Not even fifteen years old, Cruiser Club, USA headed into the new millennium with nearly thirty chapters and over four hundred members. Plus, a National Rally had been created so that each year we could ride together and share stories. It was called Gathering of Eagles, and we are now approaching our twentieth gathering! Some chapters that were close together also have held regional gatherings.
     Most chapters have a monthly meeting, and then rides throughout the rest of the month.
     2013 marked the 25th Anniversary of that day when Chuck and two buddies headed south to The Volunteer State. Another Silver Anniversary, or Chrome as we would prefer, came around in 2021 when we held Gathering of Eagles in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. It was the 25th time all the chapters of Cruiser Club, USA gathered to ride, play and tell stories. 
     It is a great time to join a chapter near you or start one of your own!
     Come Enjoy the Ride, Ride to Enjoy with Cruiser Club, USA

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