Gathering of Eagles

Once a year, Cruiser Club Brothers & Sisters come together to ride, play games and tell stories for something we call Gathering of Eagles. Over twenty-five times we have ridden to meet each other to enjoy the scenery of this great country and tales from one another.


  You can’t Enjoy the Ride without going for a ride, so when we get all our chapters together for annual Gathering of Eagles, the focus is on finding scenic ribbons of asphalt. Every day of the get-together features a great day of cruising the countryside. 


  One evening of the gathering is reserved for all of us to break bread together and enjoy each other’s company. Besides allowing us to catch up with one another on what has happened over the past year, we can celebrate what the club has done, and pass out award for the biker games other accolades.

Other Fun Stuff

  You can’t get this many people together doing something they enjoy and not have some fun stuff happen along the way. Whether it is something cool on a day cruise, fun during the biker games, or a great tale from the road in the evening, every Gathering of Eagles provides miles of smiles.

Past GOE’s

  Cruiser Club, USA now has over 25 Gathering of Eagles in its past, so we have had lots of experience with the event. With this, we have lots to draw on to make sure each year is better than the previous one. From Knoxville to Salamanca, CCUSA has cruised them all.

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